Bluetooth Handsfree - iphone


I connected Iphone to GRP2614 - using Hands free option, I am unable to answer incoming calls by pressing " Answer" soft key or by lifting handset on the phone. I had to accept call on the iphone.

I am able to answer incoming calls when Moto is connected to theGRP2614 phone. Did you guys notice same behavior using Iphone?


Hi chaitanyakonduri
There is some known bluetooth issue on
Should be fixed in the next release.


I was able to pair an Android 9 phone, but then it was not possible to actually connect to the 2614 (which is in handsfree mode). However, a BT headset (handsfree mode off) worked fine.

Adjusting the volume on the phone with a BT headset connected does not work. The audio level can only be changed on the headset itself.

Suggestion: Pressing the physical headset button on the phone twice selects Bluetooth as input/output, on other words: Press once --> wired headset, press again --> BT headset, press again --> off (back to handset).

Also, the Bluetooth guide as linked from the Admin guide is not available at either



Hi Allup

The handfree was disabled for for some known issue.
We will check the link of the Bluetooth guild and response you later.