Block phone numbers starting with "V"


I use the ucm6104 and the ucm6204, is there a way to block calls that start with V?
I am not sure if this number will allways be unwanted
every other day, we get a couple of them, some are telemarketers from foreign countries, most of them are just empty calls, no one on the other end.

I was looking at the Inbound Routes/ Blacklist
Maybe enter V* as Blacklist Number?

will this work, or will it block everything?
also I am curios about calls from Verizon Network, maybe those are also marked with V too?

Location: WA, USA

this is an example of what I see in the CDR:



I just put the numbers in the callerID pattern of the inbound route to an anncouncement then hangup.

Caller ID pattern: _012345678910 -> Destination: Announcement -> Hang up

Hope this helps as I have never been able to figure out the blacklist.


I was looking at a video about using the blocking feature, apparently the system give back a disconnected tone,
I am thinking that this would discourage future attempts of dialing.

Also I have more than one number and they all seem to have the V before the different number.


Easiest way is to not allow the video codecs on that particular route and the call will never progress.


video codecs

is that what the V stands for?
I updated my question to include a example of what comes up.

thank you