BLF to Intercom Auto Answer


Has anyone figured out way where one would press a BLF for specific extension and it will just auto answer as if i dialed *80EXT? I tried dial rule on the phone, it works if i pickup and just dial EXT, dial rule just adds *80 in front of it but i’m trying to see if there is a better way. I have a client that specifically wants to do that, 2 way auto answer intercom when BLF is pressed. I can of course add duplicate speed dial (*80EXT) next to BLF but i’m trying not to do that.


Default BLF code is **EXT


When i set BLF button as value **EXT, it doesn’t even register. ** is used for Pickup on Ringing Prefix, im not trying to do that.


BLF is number.
And prefix is set in other field, but i have no idea what phone u use as ths is PBX.
In UCM prefix is also determined in table and can be changed, by default it is **


We have UCM6202 and phones are GRP2614. Really need to make this work somehow.


BLF= Extension.


I’m not sure if i’m not explaining my self right or what. BLF is fine, i can get status, greed or red, i can press it and it will ring that extension. I’m trying to make it so when BLF is pressed, the extension that is receiving call will auto answer rather than ringing.


*80 is the prefix to make an Intercom call. If you code a VMPK as a Speed-Dial with *80EXT as the value, it will call that coded EXT as an Intercom Call.

I have also been able to code a VMPK as Dial DTMF with *80 and then be able to press that key and another VPMK is coded as a BLF on an extension to enable an operator to Intercom any extension on her Expansion Module.


Sure, i can do all that. But that requires additional key pressing or using dedicated VMPK as speed dial. I’m trying to avoid having duplicate VMPK (one blf, one speedial *80ext). I want to know if its possible to make BLF VMPK to just work as direct intercom key to that extension.


No. If you press a BLF it will dial that number (act as a Speed-Dial vs an Intercom). If you want one button to Intercom an extension, you can code it as such, but you will not see the phone’s status as with a BLF AFAIR.

I recall that it has been requested to allow for long presses or some such to allow a BLF to have multiple purposes, but that has never come to fruition.


Well that’s a bummer for sure. Client is use to doing this with old, analog pbx system.


You can do small trick if not many extensions.
Pickup via BLF will not work
but BLF will make “call with auto answer”
Change BLF pickup code to *801 (for example)
Then create intercom number:

Now pressing BLF will initiate *801EXT which you can autopickup on other phone with intercom function.


@Marcin will that maintain the BLF’s phone monitoring (red/green) capability? Will is also allow the BLF to be used as a regular call transfer button?


Yes and yes (not tested).
We change PICKUP code only.


Damn it will not work, it is pickup only :slight_smile:
What i was thing no idea


and i thought i was going crazy here trying all that. :slight_smile:


It would be nice to have this feature added at some point. I cant imagine that being too difficult to do with everything else this little box does.


nope sorry, another button


Also, best possible solution i came up with that doesn’t require use of another VMPK for speed dial (*80EXT) is to change *80 feature code to ** ( i changed original ** to something else that is not in use), so now my client will just need to remember to either press *BLF to send direct to VM or **BLF to intercom. I don’t believe they planing on using any other feature codes.