BLF+Speed Dial


Sorry if I am posting this to the wrong category.

I recently set up a new office with I have 1 DID, and 8 grandstream 2135 each as their own sub account of the DID. I have gotten all phones setup and calling out, and gotten BLF for each programmable key for each of the other 7 sub accounts.

My question is this, I can now see if a sub account or “office” is on the phone, so I know not to transfer the call to them. But I was hoping there was a way that if the sub account was not on the phone, that I would be able to transfer a call to them using the BLF key. Now, I can transfer the call using the transfer button then dialing the extension, but is there not a way to combine the BLF and speed dial keys?


BLF is speed dial in purpose of call.
transfer -> blf should work.


The problem I think, is that for BLF with I have to point that at the sub account user, whereas for a speed dial it would need to point to the actual phone number. If I can do this with, even if that means paying for a separate DID for each phone, then that would be great. Do you know if this works specifically with


No idea about sorry