BLF not working with Call Queues or Ring Groups


I’m currently running FreePBX ( and Grandstream GXP2120 (

We have multiple departments (Sales & Service) when we used to use the UCM6105 the BLF would like based on the Ring Group and could pick up the Group. Since switching to FreePBX we are unable to get BLF to work properly with either Ring Groups or Queues.

DID - IVR - Sales (6500) / Service (6501)
IP Phone - MultiPurpose Key (BLF / Account #1 / Value = 6500) the key does not light up or pick up either ring group or queues. Additionally, the Devices do not ring when configured as Call Queues


As the functionality of how a BLF works within SIP is standard and given that it worked on the prior PBX (6510?) there is no reason that the phone will not accommodate the messaging from a different PBX. You may want to research the FPBX forum for more detail of how to set-up the system extensions for monitoring.

Additionally, I take it that if the extensions (2120) will ring when dialed directly, this leads me to think that perhaps the Q is set with an alert-info that is not being recognized by the 2120. Perhaps to get a different ring tone type?

It may prove beneficial to do a capture of a Q based call to see what FPBX is sending as well as to which extensions.