BLF Light Test


Is there any way to manually test the BLF lights? Setting up 10 new GXP2160’s and on one phone I have no light where there should be. I’m leaning toward a bad light, but wanted to know if I can easily go into some diagnostic to actually test.


what IP PBX? 3cx ???


the manual does not seem to me to show any LED test (surely there is a procedure), assign a BLF extension to each key and thus try all the on / off keys


There is diagnosis when all Diodes light.
System -> diagnosis

BLF is not HW and as this cannot be tested.


it is obvious that BLF is not a HW, it was an example to understand if every single LED works, then call it BLF, call it what you like, what you need.


That is what I was looking for. Bad green diode, off to RMA.

Thank You