BLF Issue?


We installed a UCM 6208 with 10 GXP 2160 extensions. We programmed a BLF for each extension on the MPK keys. All extension are in the pickup group, page group etc. After the initial installation, when another extension was ringing, you would see it’s BLF flash red. Pressing that red flashing BLF would do a “pickup” and answer that extension. All of a sudden, that behavior has stopped working. Pressing the flashing BLF for the ringing extension now results in a busy. As a workaround, I programmed a “pickup” MPK, for those users most prone to need the function, but… I’m getting flak because the behavior just “quit” after all the users were trained and have been using the function for a few weeks now. I may have removed some functionality while I was cleaning up settings, but I can’t for the life of me determine what I might have done to kill this behaviour. Any ideas or what I might have changed?


…assuming you used zero config for setup…
Not sure what you changed off hand, but a factory reset on one phone and then re-provisioning should fix any manual changes you made and offer a good test.

What firmware is the UCM on?
What firmware are the 2160s on?

Have you done any upgrades to the firmware or set up automatic firmware upgrades on anything?
if yes to the upgrades, what version did you start on?


Hi had this issue before firmware update resolved it.


Thanks for the response. Yes, we used zeroconfig. We didn’t alter much, except time zone, and other basic settings (NTP server, AutoAnswer for the paging and we pointed the firmware updates at the UMC6208 for updates so we can control when they get implemented. The firmware for the UCM is:

UCM6208 V 1.4a


All the GXP2160 phones were updated out of the box upon installation to
There is one older GXP2100 that is on 1.05.24 (it’s in a seldom used conference room, so I forgot to include it.)

I will be doing a factory reset on one 2160 and the 2100 phone tomorrow to see if that resolves the issue. I think it must be at the UCM level, because I was told the 2100 is also exhibiting the behavior. There has been no additional firmware updates since the system was installed 2 months ago.

Thanks again for the help!
L.G. McCaw


Thanks for the help! I dunno, I really think this is something I screwed up all the phones are on 2 different firmwares and 2 different models but I was told all exhibit the behavior. We pointed the phones to pull firmware updates from the UCM, so we could control rollout of updates. That’s not to say something isn’t misconfigured there, but the phones still report the same firmware versions they were on at installation. I believe the GXP2100 in the conference room is EOL, so there isn’t any new updates for it coming out. The 6208 may have pulled an update down, I think it’s still configured to pull from Grandstream, I’ll check those logs tomorrow to verify.

I appreciate the help,

L.G. McCaw


P Code of P6752 = 1 for the 2160 Template will restore Call Pickup Via Dss.