Blank/white Screen GXP2135



I have a lot of customers who have white screen problems after 4 to 12 months of use of their GXP2135 phone.
On fifty pieces sold, About half of the phones become unusable because the display screen turns white.

Do you have the same thing? I think that it’s a production problem.


I have had some issues with the screens as well. I submitted tickets along with SN, MAC and original invoice and was issued RMAs for replacement. As long as you purchased through a valid reseller and have the documents they have been good at honoring the warranty.


At first you need to check the warranty period , if it is over then you need to shut down your system and open after few hours.Check that your problem will solve or not,if the same problem happen again then i suggest you to contact Dell support team for help.They provide you the best service.


Seven out of seven of our Grandstream GPX2135 phones started fading just as the warranty ran out.


still do the process, you have nothing to lose.


Contact the authorized Grandstream reseller you purchased the sets from and they can contact Grandstream to see what they can do for you.