Beta Test GVC3212


I received GVC3212 but it is not usable at the moment it is not usable, too many written in Japanese (although I know Japanese perfectly: P), too many empty / non-functioning / incomplete menus, in general too unstable, therefore I await the first Beta update.



Hi Damiano. You’re right! The wizard menu ok with all languages, but the main menu on the monitor connected via HDMI is not translated and it’s hard to use.

A firmware upgrade would be useful.



I also agree!
But it´s not just the language update that sucks.
The software that runs on the device seems to be ALPHA and not BETA.
Now I know why Brian did use his laptop and not the new device in his last webinar :grin:
You can use Google Lens with translator option on your smartphone to translate all and have a look which button should be for what :sunglasses:
But the device lags in comparison to my Pixel4 both connected to same SSID on GWN7610.
If the device is connected via wireless the connection often fluctuates and the video hangs.

If I can establish a connection via a conference, the Pixel4 image runs quickly and reliably, but the GVC image has even more massive delays: When I raise my arm, it happens immediately at the pixel and with the GVC image up to 30 seconds later :tired_face:

If I initiate a new conference via the remote control, I have no option to set a password for this meeting or control the meeting-layout.
Also a small howto would be helpful for this device, including the
interfaces description. HDMI1 and LAN interface I know for what to use. But the others?
I would also be interested in the correct order to start a meeting or webinar including this device. It is possible with a lot of fiddling at some point to get it to work, but I doubt whether this is correct as I am going here.

@bvanmeter: Do you really want us to test the devices during the next 14 days with this software version?
We can do this of course, but I think it does not really make much sense…
Can you tell us what the exact procedure is to initiate a controllable meeting with this device?
The operation of the device is just like a puzzle and far away from beeing intuitive


unfortunately it is not only the on-screen menu that is the problem


absolutely can not be used in this way, I report some anomalies that I found:

  • try in the SIP account to modify the codec list, exit and re-enter, it hasn’t saved anything.
  • try to register a simple SIP account, after an hour and a half of attempts I gave up, it does not register (an operation normally done in 15 seconds)
  • there are screens with empty settings (only the “save” button is present, but what does it save?)
  • BT unusable, turns idle and detects nothing (and no other BT detects the GVC3210
  • Wifi that does not detect any SSID where from my mobile phone I see at least 20-30 of them
    And they are just examples.
    I wait for the next fw or else it’s like trying nothing :slight_smile:


Just read code
Then it point to new website (which not work) where we can register device and use IPVTV for everything.
I was able to make conference but camera lag terrible.
I cannot re register device to private IPTV server.

SIP account not work

ViLiN - what that ?


Hi insiders,

Thank you for your testing on our GVC3212 products. Firmware is available for testing. Please upgrade your device to immediately.

Thanks again for your feedback.

Best regards,


Hi Marcin,

There are some unnecessary settings displayed on GVC3212 webUI at the moment. We are still cleaning up GVC3212 webUI and hopefully it will be more organized and cleaner in new firmware very soon.



hi @grandstream,
in fact it seems to me that almost nothing has changed since, a lot of confusion, many things don’t work and today I had to do the GVC3212 format 3 times (with the simple change of IP from DHCP to static on restart it was unreachable).

On the fourth attempt I stopped.


The video display delay has at least improved. The emphasis is on better, so not really good yet. What is striking is that there is no delay with the full screen, but as soon as you switch to windowed mode with several participants, the picture is delayed. Back to full screen -> everything is well so far. What is also disturbing is that the image is mirrored. This does not happen with the Android smartphone or the GXV3350. The lagging is so disruptive that in this state no reasonable video conversation with the device is feasible. The test (FW1.0.0.3) was carried out with a LAN connection on the GVC and with a WiFi connection on the smartphone and GXV3350.


Hi Damiano,

Thank you for your feedback! As being upgraded to firmware, some of the anomalies should be resolved:

Codec list could be successfully applied when hitting “Apply” button after “Save” with prompt “Saved, press apply to confirm changes”. You may encounter prompt such as “Payload type cannot be the same” when trying to save. Please make sure to fill in the payload type that is not filled by default at this moment and try again. (i.e. DTMF Payload Type)

WiFi detecting should be working at this time. Please try with clicking “Scan” if the list is still empty.

To switch between DHCP and static IP mode could be accomplished fine with or without a restart at our side. Please make sure that subnet mask and default gateway is set to currently used ones, and the IP address would not conflict with others in use. Please feel free to send DM if the problem still exists.

The SIP account registering issue will be reported to internal team. Thank you again for testing on our products!


Hi grandgrand,

Here is a draft of the GVC3212 quick installation guide. Hope this helps to explain the interfaces.