Beta firmware RTP stream


After upgrading to from, the video stream used on video calls is now always Stream 3, even though the SIP account settings are for Stream 2.


I’m experiencing the same behavior. All calls use Stream 3, independently of the setting. Previously the stream selection would work.


What is the other device involved in the video call? GXV33XX or GSC3570? If using IP call, it will be still 720P 2nd stream correct? This might be a bug and will be addressed in next firmware. The H.264 profile compatible might have bug.

Thank you for using GDS3710.


I’m only using the GS Wave app, Linphone and MicroSip
Through RTSP I can access the high resolution streams, but the call always uses Stream 3 with a very low resolution. I haven’t tried direct IP Call, and I’m using Kamailio as a SIP server.


Change profile in GDS to BASELINE, it should help.


@barj: If you MUST use GSWave, then you have to choose H.264 baseline because it only support this profile.

At GDS3710 side, please configure SIP account using “Stream 3” for any SIP call. Also, leave Stream1 and Stream 2 to be default which is H.264 “Main Profile”, and ONLY configure Stream 3 using H.264 baseline.

Be advise if using H.264 baseline in Stream 1 or Stream 2 as SIP call, it may screw up the device with memory leaking, and the GDS will stop sending out video sooner or later, this is a known chip bug. Using H.264 main profile will not have such issue with SIP hard phone like GSC3570 or GXV3275, it ONLY happened with GSWave combination because GSWave only support baseline. Also 3rd stream (bandwidth) is better for smartphone if no Wi-Fi but have to use 3G/4G data. So to avoid such bug, never use H264 baseline in Stream 1 or Stream 2 in SIP calls.

Hope this helps. Thank you for using GDS3710 and Grandstream products.


Thank you for the information. I was using High Profile for Stream 1 and Baseline for Streams 2 and 3. I can use other apps besides GSWave and configure the Main Profile.

How can I use Stream 2 in Main Profile if with this firmware Stream 3 is always used, independently of the setting?


You can configure Stream 2 to be Main profile and configure SIP to use 2nd stream when in SIP call. But I think the UCM will change it based on SDP and using stream 3 for GSWave.

If you using direct IP call and configure Stream 2 to use main profile, and GDS3710 as caller and callee (IP address) is another SIP hard video phone, or maybe other soft phone support H.264 main profile, you will see the 720p video, this will confirm the UCM changed it.

Why you have to use stream 2? In small screen of smartphone, 720p (2nd stream) and QVGA (3rd stream) really no much different. If you are using GSC3570 or GXV3275 7" video phone, 720p HD indeed will have different in the bigger screen. Please advise.

Thank you for using GDS3710!


I will evaluate how it works and see if my SIP Server is changing the stream. In my case I would like to use Stream 2 as the display is a Full HD wall mounted tablet. In this setup stream 3 looks very bad.

The corruption also occurs when using Stream 3 with the baseline profile, or it is limited to other streams/higher resolution with the Baseline profile?