Best Practice for surveilence solution?


We have bought three GSC-3620 and three GSC-3615 in order to learn how to set up a functioning surveilence solution that we can market to our customers.

We have tried to find Grandstream documentation regarding best practice solution setup but we have not found any. Only documentation regarding the individual products. We have also looked for any Grandstream training regarding the area Facility Management but so far with no success.

Ideally we would like documentation describing how to set up a solution like ours in the best way.

We opened a ticket with Grandstream and got the response regarding solution documentation “kindly note that I will be forwarding your request for documentation guiding the integration of various products at once, so it can be taken into consideration in the future.”

Regarding training “Kindly note that at the moment there isn’t one related to Security and Facility Management but there will be certainly in the future. You will just have to check the academy link from one time to another.”

In the meantime I will try my luck with you guys:-)

The example set up is
1 UCM 6301
2 GXP 2170
2 Wave Android
1 GDS 3710
3 GSC 3620
3 GSC 3615
1 GSC 3570
1 GSurf Pro

We would like to be able to monitor all GSC 36xx and the GDS from the GSC 3570, from an extension and via a web browser/GSSurf Pro
We would like to send alarms (e.g. via email] when motion is detected
We would like to start recording (Gsurf Pro) when motion is detected

Any tips or hint, do:s and dont:s will be much appreciated.

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Best thing, i would strongly do, is to hire a Grandstream trained technical person in your region so they can assist you in your endeavours. Learn from a professional in your area.


To answer your question:

  1. GSC3570 can NOT monitor more than TWO GSC36xx or GDS at the same time, due to its embedded system with very limited memory and weak CPU. If you want to see all the GSC36XX in one screen (meaning to decode all GSC36xx GDS media streaming and displayed in the screen), you really need a good computer (server lever hardware recommended) running GSurf_Pro software to do that. YOu can configure GSurf_Pro to record 7x27 or by Motion Detection, depending how big your HDD used in the computer. The GSurf_Pro itself is a FREE software you can download from Grandstream website and install into the computer.

  2. BUT, if you configure all the GSC36xx or GDS as RTSP streaming (2nd stream accepted only) into a GSC3570, then that GSC3570 CAN view the live RTSP streaming of the related GSC36xx or GDS, ONE AT A TIME (NOT simutaneouly), by press the related icons in the GSC3570 touch screen. Details please refer to GSC3570 User Manual to see how to configure it to work.

  3. Sending alarm email with MD snapshot is a feature in GSC36XX and GDS, once you configured the SMTP and other parameters correctly. Details please refer to GSC36XX or GDS User Manual. Or refer to the HOWTO GUIDE in the support documentation center.

  4. Yes, you can configure GSurf_Pro to record if MD is detected. To make this work, BOTH GSC36xx and GSurf_Pro need to be configured correctly with each other. Please refer to GSC36XX and GSurf_Pro V2 User Manul for details and you can play around first to see how it works before the real installation.

Hope this helps. Feel free to ask if you have further questions. Thank you for using Grandstream Access Control and Surveilliance Products.


I am Grandstream trained, just not on this since there are no courses to date.


Thanks for a really helpful answer. I will set up my lab according to your instructions. I will report back here to hopefully help others in their endevours :slight_smile: