Best Options for Hotels?


Hello all,

New topic here,I have been experiencing issues with the WP820’s I have installed in a Hotel. They have two Access Points in their attic (I’ve asked them to Mesh their network together. in hopes that would fix it) but the two phones in place have disconnected continuously. I have set their settings on 2.4G in hopes to increase the signal strength of their network. I am thinking of returning to a setup I had with a DP 750 Basestation, and two DP 722’s. This setup would work from time to time but the signal was extremely weak in some areas of the Hotel. I attempted to look into a DP760 to supplement the signal in the weaker areas. But the Hotel seems to be made of Lead!

Has anyone dealt with Hotels and can chime in with some experience in regards to devices included to operate functionally? Two floors, bottom floor is around 800 sq Ft and the top floor is around 3500 sq ft


you should try with 2 or more DP752 bases, registering the same accounts and the same DECT handsets,
handover will not work, and you can have up to 5 DECT handsets etc … but it should solve your range problem

n.b .: it is not a solution recommended by Grandsteam, but I have read several people who have replied in this way.


So, use a couple 752’s in unison to cover range? Are there issues with the 760 base station repeater?

Thank you for the information, I am attempting to keep them from downgrading this system.


the DP760 extends the range but has only 2 simultaneous conversations, you have to do the tests


I apologize, the phones are used mostly for employees that are Housekeeping. so we don’t need more than the two calls at any given time.


if the conversation happens between 2 handsets that are under DP760 you can have only one conversation


If I understand the situation, the APs are in an attic and the hotel is 2 floors which essentially means that the WiFi has to penetrate down and throughout the building? Is it also safe to assume that the same APs are in use for a guest network? I doubt you could ever get WiFi to work reliable without far better coverage and with access points that support roaming.

As Damiano suggests you would do better with DECT and repeaters and even then, you likely need at least two repeaters and perhaps as many as 4 on the second floor. While DECT has pretty good range and all, it too still has to contend with obstacles (walls, floors, etc.).

You could easily cover the entire building using the Engenius DuraFone X1. There are not cheap, but they do work extremely well. I use them in hotels and you can get them in a SIP model or an analog model and use an ATA or FXS port.


I have few installation in hotels. AP must have KVR (gs AP work good). Usually 1 AP per floor is enough (but depend on hotel mostly). I do not recommend dect It is hard to provide full range (AP is much cheaper) for this (and provide wifi for quests). So it is more sensible solution.

Mesh is not good at all, it will not keep roaming call at all.