belt clip



The belt clip is OK at best but actually snags off the phone fairly easily which isn’t great for a belt clip.

Secondly a spring loaded belt clip would make actual use of the belt clip more useable.

After a couple days of using this instead of my deskphone the belt clip has been thrown back in the box as it is more hassle than it’s worth due to the phone hitting the ground a few times already.


Hi there,

I’m quite surprised it snags off easily for you. Its quite hard to remove by hand. I did notice that because its a vertical clip and due to the height of the handset its likely to experience tension when your sitting or squatting. Is it falling when your walking around or sitting down? Do you think the clip brackets are worn out?



It has happened while getting up from an office chair but has also occurred while mounting some network gear in a data rack where I was not stooped over in any fashion but rather just twisting at the most. It got snagged while working on the rack but it wasn’t much pressure.

I understand your surprise because it does not easy come off when trying to remove it by hand so something is flexing to a degree.

This is not a deal breaker for the product by any means, just reporting what I am experiencing. Hopefully the keylock will be updated in the future to prevent the phone from getting powered off in my pocket and that will resolve the concern regarding the need for clip usage.



Thanks for the feedback. We will note this issue for future design considerations.


The key lock issue should be fixed in the latest FW. Please upgrade and let us know if you are still having issues.


I just wanted to confirm that the keylock is now preventing the phone from being powered off accidentally.

This is a much welcomed improvement and how I expected it to work compared to other wireless/cordless phones.


is there a new firmware avaible were this is fixed?

I have the same problem, that the Phone (WP810) is getting off by wairing in the pocket.


W P810 is Wi-Fi based while DP75x is DECT based, they are different phones and using different firmware, you might need check this on WP810 forum board.