Bellcommander and Contact Header


Yea, the trunks are typically where the record all is at.

and yes it is possible to put a record button on each phone that lets you record on demand.


@lstutesman, I’ve never set the button up. Is the Feature Code *3 (which is disabled by default)?


Thanks, I had looked about everwhere. I see it there, but it is not checked.

It is checked at the extension level though. Wow! That means I’ll have to go into every extension and take that off if it is set?



You might be able to do a bulk edit


Well, that thing has an export which is nice. I just exported and only about 10 of them have that set. I see an import, so if I export, change all YES to NO for auto record, can I just then import it back up and that will change it? That is great if so.



That should work, but I’d check the bulk edit first.


Where’s the bulk edit at? I am looking, but have not foudn it yet. I am not sure which has more settings. This phone system or the Google Admin Console! :slight_smile:


this may be different on older firmwares but:

Go to extensions
check the box of the extensions to edit
click edit
check box next to auto record
uncheck box for auto record
apply changes


Okay, that has me a bit paranoid. If it is saving what is there to all those extensions, what if some of the other settings are different, won’t it just save them all back to whatever is showing there?

EDIT: Or is the first box you check what will change and if you don’t check any othrers, it won’t change them?

I assume that is it and did that. That was good info to know. Thanks. THough if the export and import wokr the same way, it would be a lot quicker to do that. I’ll test that also on a couple.



Okay, want to make sure this is correct. I really don’t want the recorded files, but I do want ot keep voicemails and voicemail prompt files. So I can do a backup and just uncheck the “recording FIles” then I can delete all the recording files and then restore the backup and that would put the “Voice Mails and Prompts” back?

Or does deleting “Recording FIles” not even mess with Voicemails and Prompts? I am assuming the Prompts are things that I recorded like “Hello, this is Scott, leave me a message”.

EDIT: Went ahead and bit the bullet and just tried it. Looks like that left my voicemails and such. woot

Thanks again.


I’ll mess with this tomorrow, but it does look like that may have fixed the Bellcommander problem. I looked at the logs and now it has my extension in the CONTACT: header instead of what looked to be a SIP tag. I was really skeptical about an update fixing that, but maybe it did.


…and the forums are online again!

Glad you got it sorted. Let me know if you need anything further!


Just to confirm. The Notifications work now that it is updated. Thanks again for the help.