Bellcommander and Contact Header


I am trying to setup Bellcommander at our School. We have a Grandstream Model UCM6510 V1.4B. The bells are working fine. I wanted to setup Emergency Bells and to do that I had to register a SIP Extension in Bellcommander. That seemed to work fine.

Right now we only have a license for 1 Extension to call into Bellcommander. The problem is that Bellcommander looks at the Contact Header. Every time I hit the button on the phone to call the Bellcommander Emergency Extension, it has a different Contact Header.

i.e. I have it set so that extension 4200 is the extension allowed to call bellcommander. The SIP extension used for emergency is 8100 and I have it registered in Bellcommander. If I dial 8100 from extension 4200 and look at the Bellcommander logs.
The first time it may have:
Contact: <sip:4a8c3333-6c41-4403-ae29-41e408fdcbfd AT>

The next time it may have:
Contact: <sip:A0397F34-EB0A-4573-9521-ED28JA5A0184 AT>

The FROM header will show the correct extension in it:
From: “Tech” <sip:4200 AT>;tag=f50fb80c-013d-41eb-a40b-04964dhf2cb8

Is there a setting somewhere to tell Grandstream to use the Extension in the Contact header instead of some random number?

Thanks for any info. I hope that I have explained this correctly. I am not much of a phone guy.


Someone here may have that answer, but I’d open a ticket if you haven’t already


I have already put in a ticket. The suggestion was to upgrade my firmware. I will do that, but everything is running fine and I know how my luck is with updating something that is working fine. It will break it!

I was hoping there was another solution first.



Ya that’s always the generic answer.
what firmware are you on right now?


System Information
Model UCM6510 V1.4B
Version Information

The GXP 2170 is 1.0.850

And updating may fix it. I’d be willing to bet in my years of tech, that an update that is not a security update has broken more things for me than fix them. :slight_smile:


So, what version of firmware is running?

As noted, you have the 6510 and I assume some phones also connected to the system, correct? If such is the case, and these work correctly, then you may want to examine how the system interacts with the phones and compare. If they do not compare, then you need to examine the full messaging between the two different endpoints (phone & BC) and see if you can determine the differences?

One other thing of interest is the extension choice of 8100. As you are using 4 digit extensions, I am wondering if the extension choice is outside of the user extensions as defined in the UCM and if this might be a cause. You might want to change the extension to be in the same extension range as the current set of phones and then test.

On the surface, the data seems to be in the format of a SIP tag. If this is the case it will different every time, but it will remain throughout a session. It is a unique identifier in the messaging, but it is not a URI.


I don’t know of a specific issue in that version that would cause that issue. There are definitely many fixes from 1.0.14.x to current 1.0.18.x
So far feels really good


Our extensions range between 1000-9000 I believe. The first digit designates the building, just for purposes of looking at the extension and being able to tell which building you are calling. I probably did not even need to do that, but I did.


Okay, I’ll start by updating I guess and go from there. As many hours as I have messed with this, I am about to just pay the $200 myself and get unlimited extensions for Bellcommander so that it won’t matter. lol

Thanks for the help.



Is the 6510 an old system? I am trying to find where to update the software actually. I googled and I see:

“UCM61xx EOL notice: Firmware will be the last supported firmware for UCM61xx. UCM61xx will no longer receive new features, but will continue to receive critical security updates and major bug fixes.”

We just bought this system last year and it is already EOL? That is a pretty short life it seems to me.

I am thinking the company may need to put me in as a Super Admin or something instead of just an Admin. I don’t see anything in there as far as updating, but as I said, this system is new, I am not much of a phone guy and there are tons of things in there so I may just not have found it yet.



As you are showing, you have a 6510. the 61xx is the EoL one.


No, the 6510 is not EOL. The 6100 line was replaced by the 6200 line a couple years ago. Furthermore, the EOL notice is just for new features; security and major bug fixes are still being released per Grandstream’s notices.

All Grandstream firmware can be found at


I also made this video if it helps


slaps head Yeah, thanks. I guess I dyslexed the 6510 and was thinking 6150. and then saw 61**. I am good at flipping numbers.

Thanks for the video. My main screen is diffeent than that, but in the Maintenance, I see nothing about backup or such. I really think I don’t have enough permissions. I know when I was chatting with one of the guys from the company the other day, he was trying to show me something and I could not see it as an Administrator, but he could as a Super Admin.



Correct, only the one super admin can do backups, restores, or upgrades.


Yes, just got the info for that. Is an update fairly quick? I mean if I do the update, is it just a quick restart and we won’t lose phone service for long or should I do this after work? I’d really like to get it done so I can move on and get this figured out.

Thanks again.


Generally speaking the system goes down for a very short period.

That being said, I like to it after hours in case Mr. Murphy (a la Murphy’s Law) decides to come pay me a visit.



haha, I totally udnerstand. He pretty well ALWAYS pays me a visit. I may rather them be out of phone for a bit than me be up here all night. I have done that enough before. :slight_smile:

As long as the typical update is fast, I think I will try it.



Doing a backup first and it gives me this:

“When Storage Location is set to “Local”, the Backup Files can only be “Config File”, please modify.”

The only option that I have is “Local”

Watching the video, so maybe it will say something as I get on to the version that I am on.


you should install an sd card and use that for backup. it will remove the limitation.