Behaviour change or bug? to


I upgraded my GDS 3710 from to and the door station behaves totally different.

with when you press the bell button the bell rings and after a while the bell rings again. I configured a “Ringing Timeout(s)” of 15 seconds in the Phone settings/Phone Settings and after 15 seconds the GDS hangs up - this is exactly the behaviour i want.

with (and also so the change must have been in when i press the bell button the bell rings once, then a “ringing” tone is played. This ringing tone is played for 2 full Minuten, then 3 beeps occur and the call is disconnected. (probably my fritz!box ending the call?) - the “Ringing Timeout(s)” is still configured for 15 seconds but does not seem to work at all.

i even did a factory reset, no change.

i downgraded to and the GDS3710 works as intended.


@MikeK: Appreciate your report on this. Will double check and if this is a bug, will update you and fix it in next firmware cycle.

Thank you for using GDS3710!


@MikeK: Thank you for your report and good catch. There is a bug in the
“parallel hunting” feature of GDS3710 in FW1.0.7.8. It will be fixed
in next firmware cycle. Please keep tuned.
Thank you for using GDS3710!


This bug is addressed in next firmware pending to be released. Please keep tuned.

Thank you for using GDS37XX!



i just installed and the bug is kind of fixed.

I press the bell button, the bell rings and the call is disconnected after 15 seconds (which is my ringing timeout), so far so good.

But during these 15 seconds a “alerting” tone is played back on the GDS like on a phone. The old behaviour was “play the bell when the button is pressed, then do nothing” and after a while the bell sound is played again - i liked that a LOT better.

The GDS behaved like a door bell, now it behaves like a phone. (i know it IS a phone but IMHO it shoudn’t behave like one)

Is there any way to get the old behaviour back?



Have you tested What is the result? You might contact HELPDESK and open a ticket, supply the packet trace for both and, then engineering will look into this.


@MikeK: Could you help to get a packet trace on this? If the GDS3710 receving 183 message from SIP Proxy, the in RFC it should playing that otherwise will be treated as bug therefore we fixed it.

After get the trace, will see what can do. Thanks!


I strongly agree. It should behave as a doorbell with the appropriate doorbell sound.It depends perhaps on the use case but at least it should be configurable.

I can also report that the doorbell sound is not heard with the latest beta A phone playback sound is heard.