Been usin as daily driver with Broadsoft


I am confidente this is going to a nice product to have.
i use the template on the XPS server and pretty nice, voice sounds better then cisco and citel.
as for issue i did not encounter any big one, all the function work fine.

keep it up!!!


Thanks for the positive feedback!!:blush:


Have you gotten any broadsoft features to work properly? Ie group paging, push to talk, directories, or broadworks anywhere integration?


it is the next phase of my testing.


let me know how that works out for you. we’ve hit some snags on the broadsoft side for ours.


so we tryed the generic grandstream dp files = ok
now trying to push the configuration of the ptt for pre configure ptt broadsoft fonction.
and trying to have talk to the xsi platform .

sorry for the delay all of work the selas department is on fire hahahahah


@Stephen.holinaty, @Athiffault, we have not officially supported the Broadsoft PTT and XSI functions yet. I don’t think they are working already. We have filed feature requests to SW team regarding these features, if no marketing/sales push, they will work on it by their own schedule, so I don’t have any ETA for it yet.