Battery Life so far


This is probably a little premature, but I started with 100% battery this morning, now 8 hours later I am still at 76% after almost constant usage…

I would say that is a “good thing”


Well, maybe not: :slight_smile:

It does charge quickly though, too, which is nice…


I have had my phone “disconnect” from WIFI twice…

I have been trying to duplicate the issue, but so far, have not been able to.


I’ve made sure our WiFi is NOT set to AUTO CHANNEL, so that’s not it…

Something else may be going on. I noticed the Web GUI wasn’t responding again (after just cycling the wifi a 10-ish minutes ago). But, I was able to call it and have it ring, yet the web GUI still didn’t respond (site can’t be reached). Maybe there’s some sort of low-use mode it’s in and it’s not snapping out of it properly.



Please keep the same topic discussion in this thread.



Will do, sorry…


So, back to battery life. I let it charge overnight (not that it needed such duration to fully charge). On the charger it showed 100. Within a minute or two of removing it, it was at 99. Within ten minutes it was at 98.

I’m not saying it’s draining fast necessarily, but the mathematics on how the display calculates it may want to be tweaked a bit to be more realistic. I’m thinking, with how it is now, it’s going to appear to drop off kinda fast, then level off about half way down and appear to last longer, then finally get to zero.


At the end of a “high use” day yesterday, we went from 100% to 70% in ten hours. In my book, I would call that highly acceptable.

I was going to start today @ 100% and just see how long it will “run” to red line.


Usage-wise, i’m sure it’s perfectly fine - I’m just saying the calculation that is used to present battery life may want to be curved a bit, so it doesn’t have such a drop off. I haven’t used it once today, but since this morning, it’s now at 91. Its been laying on the desk, screen off…

Now, once it gets in the 80’s or 70’s, maybe it levels off and lasts a lot longer, but that’s what I’m saying, that first 10% really burns fast, which isn’t really indicative of the actual battery life…



We noted this concern and will address to the dev team.



We tested over the weekend with heavy talk time and were able to get approximately 14 hours talk time with about five hours standby during the test.

This should be great for the way I see our customers using this product.


I’m just past day 2 (52-ish hours) and now at 50%, according to the display.

4 hours after I posted the above, it was down to 30%. So, that was a 20% drop in 4 hours. It also died overnight that night. In all cases, it’s within 20-30 feet of an AP.

So, I think the math for the battery level does need to be adjusted.

And, with those figures in mind, it seemed to last "on solid standby, no calls - ringing inbound, but no actual talk), it seemed to last about 2.5 days (or about 60 hrs).


When I threw it on the charger, it did charge the battery, but it didn’t power on the phone. The phone needs to auto power on when the battery is installed in it (which essentially happens when it’s been drained to the point it dies).

Basically, auto boot on power on…



We are a bit confused by your request. Please confirm our understanding:

  1. You would like the phone to turn on automatically when charging from a completely discharged state. (The phone will not be able to do so until it reach a certain charge level)

  2. When a new charged battery is put into the phone, you would like it to power on automatically.



The first part sounds like how my iPhone operates. One consideration from my perspective is that the phone should not turn on until there is sufficient battery life to support a basic call of say 15 minutes talk time. Otherwise I can see the phone turning on and someone trying to use it prematurely.

Overall I support this suggestion.


When you insert the battery, it should boot.

When the battery is dead and put on charge (once it reaches an acceptable percentage), should power on.

The reality is, the phone doesn’t really know if a battery is being installed, or a dead battery is being charged, so either way, it should boot when it’s off and the battery reaches the minimum safe charge level.


So, the battery life (for me) on .16 is far better. Ran a standby test. In my environment, the phone is no more than 15 feet from an access point at most times, and it did ring but no talk time was used on it. Lasted all week. Grabbed it off the charger on Monday morning, and it’s now Friday morning with 27% left…

THAT is impressive.