Basic authentication 'plain' URLs for snapshot & stream?


Hi, I have been trying for hours to integrate my GDS3710 with my loxone system. I know there is a loxwiki, but it seems things have changed substantially with firmware that breaks whatever is written there.

My main question is … what are know the URLs for the following:

  • Snapshot URL using basic authentication?
  • Stream URL using basic authentication? And not the default stream as it freezes my GDS3710?
    It is important that the URL provides the images or the stream and not a .html page.

I currently configured “http://IP:PORT/jpeg/stream=1” but as it is probably called twice, it is not too stable (2 calls in 10 minutes and the GDS is blocked).



The 3710 can send you snap shot pictures (3) to the email address upon someone pressing the door bell on the GDS3710 <-- just set up the smtp settings in it.

re stream - I use VLC to watch the stream like the following - maybe this will help you with that other system…



Also, anonymous access to a RTSP stream is now (really) possible with fw
I suggest you take a good look at the firmware release notes, and also check out this thread: Livevideo from GDS3710 without Login? and maybe even Need extra user for MJPEG with Basic auth!

Then there is also Gds 3710 at Fritzbox

Finally, you may have to consider to put a video proxy (ffmpeg, vlc, …) in between GDS and client to deal with simultaneous requests or to transcode/change resolution.

Not sure what exactly you need for loxone integration.

Are you sure about “…stream=1” instead of “…stream1”?

I think that the MJPEG stream can only be accessed in the highest resolution with “MJPEG Authentication Mode” set to “Basic”.


Hi, thx for the replies. I have read all the threads you referred to, but the loxone only supports direct streams using MJPEG (no RTSP/H.264). Problem is it has worked before.

I did some more troubleshooting yesterday and by the stream=1 does work as expected. By lowering resolution and framerate for that stream I got to the point that the GDS3710 remained responsive even after multiple open sessions.

The problem with the anonymous access (MJPEG) is that it you cannot control the resolution (and it uses a very high one) so the GDS3710 becomes unresponsive even after one attempt.

In the end, I think I still need what I asked for: direct access to the picture (jpg) and to the stream (mjpeg) for it to work with Loxone (although this seems to work with the stream=1) as Loxone only supports JPG/MJPEG.

So I’m still hoping there is a URL for a still image capture with this firmware, but I can’t seem to find it …



Look again here for the still image capture.

As for the MJPEG resolution: As I said you need to put a video proxy in between. This is essentially a one line code running a transcoding server and a Linux machine.


@prostar: If you are with FW:, please see Page 23 of Release Note:

Once configured correctly, below commands are for Snapshot and MJPEG live video stream:
https://IP_GDS3710:Port/anonymous/snapshot/view (Snapshot)
https://IP_GDS3710:Port/videoview.html (Live MJPEG streaming)

You can also using anonymous mode in VLC Play by using below command:
rtsp://IP:Port/X (X=0, 4, 8, corresponding to stream 1, 2, 3 respectively).

Due to MJPEG using lots of bandwidth comparing to H.264, if the 3rd party APPs only support MJPEG, better reduce Frame Rate, Bit Rate in the Video setting of GDS3710 to avoid crashing the APPs or Stall GDS3710 if too many such video retrriving happening simutaniously. If using different stream specifically, you can also select prefered video codec to be MJPEG if this is only supported video codec in the 3rd party APPs.

@prostar: Please advise whether this helps and meets your loxone integration. Thank you for using GDS3710!