Base LED always doing something


Hi @grandstream,

I’ve been testing the DP752/730 and since a few days now, the base is doing things with its LEDs. I don’t know what, because the handset is working, the paging is working, etc. I tried rebooting it and factory reset, but it comes back after a few days of just being plugged in.

Also, I don’t know if it’s related, but when the network LED is blinking slowly, I can’t connect to the web UI. The IP changes back to the VLAN1 instead of the voice VLAN, which is 2.

Here’s videos showing it:

FW: (beta) (looping since the update)
Power by PoE


When it does this loop, the handset got unsubscribed. I just played with it a little and it came back.


After downgrade to, the loop stopped and the device is now working correctly.


what is your network setup? you have VLAN1 (Web) and VLAN2 (Voice), and configured device to use VLAN2?
How do you configure the VLAN on the DP752? Thank you!


VLAN 1,, for general purpose.
VLAN 2,, for voice only

The VLAN is assigned automatically via LLDP. This works on (before that we had to manually enable it.)


We will need the network packets of it to analysis. SW team confirm we don’t have any changed for VLAN or LLDP since
Do you have an network hub or an switch that support port mirror feature? so you will able to plug your PC to the same hub, or mirror all the traffic to your PC, and use Wireshark to capture your PC’s ethernet traffic, filter the packets by your DP752’s MAC, so we can use it to debug.


I can do better than that, my switch have a packet capture integrated (Meraki). You need a capture from what moment? Right after the upgrade or when it goes crazy?


Just the full trace when problems happens. does it happens right after upgraded or need a long time to become abnormal? if need a long time, then just the trace when it’s abnormal, thank you!


No problem with my base, just upgraded to 9.1


Hi Shawn,

So I upgraded it again to the beta firmware, and right after the first boot, it goes crazy.

I took 3 captures:

  • 1 during the firmware upgrade
  • 1 afterwards when it goes crazy
  • 1 later in the day when it was still going crazy

You have about 3 minutes of PCAP on each. Here’s the IP meaning:

  • -> My PC was on the device page and refreshing sometimes
  • -> The DECT base
  • 10.137.x.x -> My cloud PBX (linked via IPSec VPN)

Note that I can’t factory reset since I can’t get the web UI to work more than 10 seconds. (4.7 MB)


looks like your device has never upgraded to, but got stuck at the upgrade and reboot loop…
I’ve forwarded your trace to our software engineer and will get back to you once I have anything


The recovery part was upgraded but not the other partitions.


I let it loop for a few days and it never upgraded correctly so I had to downgrade it.

Now, I am gonna try resetting it before upgrading.


could you please try to upgrade it without VLAN, but just an ordinary network? I doubt if it’s caused by the network.


Yes actually you see it upgraded everything to

This is strange. Any ideas why a VLAN would cause this?


FYI I am using Cisco Meraki network equipment.


I will forward this issue to the software team and see if we can find out the reason.