Barge Trunk, not extension


Hi, using a UCM6204 in a large home environment.

Have a combination of wireless and desk phones and a couple of trunks.
One of the trunks is my main Analog, phone company trunk.

When a call comes in on this trunk, it is sent to a ring group and as a result most phones in the house, ring.
Whoever picks up the call, “owns it”.
But I would like other phones (well, at least one) to be able to join the call…without knowing the extension of the current call owner.
It’s kind of like a trunk version (rather than extension version) of a call barge…

Any ideas?


so include yourself in a call in progress?


Yes, but without knowing the extension – and with knowledge of the trunk.



there is inclusion (look at the UCM and phones manual), I do not understand what exactly you want to do but you can look for it there.
Keep in mind the laws in force in your country, for example here (Italy) it is forbidden and you are subject to criminal law.
Good job.


Look at SCA and SLA in the PBX resource area of the GS website and see if either offers what you want.


This is in a home.
Example: My wife picks up the call on some phone in the house.
I wish to pick up any extension and join the call.

Regular analog dect phone systems all do this by default.
I simply want to “Barge In” on the trunk.

I will study SCA and SLA and see if there is something there.

I had hoped that there would be a “group barge” or something. As suggested here:

Any other ideas – please keep em coming. Now time to learn about SLA and SCA.