Bandwith and latency using Analog telephone Adapters


What should be the maximum latency and minimum bandwidth needed to connect an HT801 to an HT813 over the Internet?



That depends on which ATA is being used along with whatever other needs there are for Internet. To be safe, plan on 100kbs in each direction for each call. Latency is ideally under 20ms, but not always achievable, but anything under 100ms is usually not noticeable.




Providing it is a constant latency only. If the latency is from 10 and to 100 ms though a call you will notice it.


Is it possible to use an ATA HT801 (FXS port) and HT 813 (FXO) to connect an analog telephone line available in a city to a town in the rural area that has no telephone service, via the Internet without having to use SIP accounts?


Yes. It require correct configuration on 813 FXO port, but it work this way.
Check how-to resources on GS page for 813