outbound dial pattern?


Good day im trying to find any info for connecting with my UCM6204

I have these 2 patterns but don’t know if they are correct or anyone has any idea how to make international calls.



1st, international calling is disabled at Bandwidth by default. You must have that enabled in order to call internationally. Also, the typical pattern to dial an international number from the US is 011XX…
Bandwidth does not need the 011 prefix so this must not be sent.

As an example to reach the US Embassy in Mexico City, one would normally dial 011525550802000. However, Bandwidth only requires 525550802000.

You may still want to dial the 011 as people may be use to it, but it needs to be stripped in the outbound route when sending to BW.


Thanks for the response, do i have to prepend +1 too? because they mention the calls are made in the format starting with +1.



No. That is how they will send the call out as they use e.164 format.