Bad translation


When we put the display language in French, we have ‘Setting’ as the tile title instead of ‘Paramètres’ in French.


the locale file haven’t been updated yet. i can see that someone has already translated it into “Réglage” for “Setting”, and use “Paramètres” for “Settings”, do you think this is correct, should I update the translation to “Paramètres” for “Setting” as well? thank you!


“Réglages” with a ‘s’ is also fine


Cool, thank you! We will use “Réglages” then because it’s shorter, thank you!


I noticed some mistakes or not translate words in Italian too.
If you need a translations list I can provide it


Thank you! @scormar, i will send your the Italian strings via forum message, if would be great to have some native speaking to take a review. Thank you for your help!


OK, waiting for the mail!