Bad link on Grandstream Firmware page


I have spotted a bad link that gives an error on the main Grandstream firmware page that is preventing me from subscribing to be notified of firmware updates.

Page :

Near the top of the page is the text : “Please check for the latest upgrade for your product or [sign up to receive newsletter for new/beta firmware releases]” which takes you to…

Link :

When clicking on this link, the Firefox browser returns the following error message :

“Fatal Error: Mysql is not supported in your PHP, recompile and try again.”

Is there an alternative way to be notified of firmware updates or does the link need updating?

Thank you.


Works fine for me in firefox and chrome, and on cell phone. Try to sign up using another browser or computer.


Hello Daniel,

If the issue happens again please try forcing your browser into incognito mode or manually flushing/updating dns. ( Windows ipconfig /flushdns etc )



That has resolved the issue, thank you. No idea what was happening but it is fine now.