Backup SFTP


I’d like to see two additions to the backup service.

  1. To be notified if the backup fails.
  2. To have a “Cleaner” function that removes old backup files. For example, if I only want to keep the last 3 backups.



For anyone wondering about feature requests in the forum. Before it’s talked about, I put in a ticket to GS to confirm the process. I was told that I should fill out a post as usual but add the tag “Feature Request” which is available in the drop down.

Fingers crossed that someone from GS will actually see this.


Notification - great idea.

Cleaner function has been asked for by lots of people in the past - I support that one as well.


Cleaner will change in 1.0.20.xx i was told, after few years of fight.


I was told that the Cleaner was being updated as well. Hopefully we will see that soon.


There is option (got 20.xx for test).
Keep X days and cleaning condition :grinning::sunglasses:
It look simple but as far i can tell it should do job well.