Backup SFTP wrong account or password?


The PBX shows “Wrong account or password!” when I try to test the connection with the same account. Does the PBX need any special SFTP permissions?

I can log in and upload a file to the SFTP using Bitvise SSH Client.


No. Simply the settings populated as shown in the web page. That is all you set in the PBX.

I was using the below as the SFTP server without issue. I was sending pcap files to it for months on a continuous basis.


PuTTY does not work and WinSCP does.

Does the PBX require SSH terminal access to establish SFTP?

Bitvise xterm shows “Permission denied, please try again.”

Bitvise SFTP window works.


I connected to a different SFTP server. Does the backup only upload new files? The TEST_2019-04-04_17618 exists with a file instead called “test_list”.

-mkdir TEST_2019-04-04_17618
cd TEST_2019-04-04_17618
-put /tmp/test_list


Is it possible to download the audio files of call recordings?


There are 2 types of backup

  1. Backup - compressed backup
  2. DATA SYNC -> It will drop CDR, record, voicemail and fax in uncompressed method.

As for missing files -> Recording files -> download all.


I was able to sync to SolarWinds SFTP/SCP Server. It appears that every file/folder gets overwritten for each sync. The PBX has data all the way back to 2015. It syncs at roughly 100 days per hour. This can take around 15 hours to complete. Is there a faster way?

I only want to download the recent folders such as 2019-04-11. It’s not necessary to overwrite the old folders during each sync.