Backup Configuration



If you click on ‘Backup Configuration’ it takes a long time for notification to appears. Is confusing.
FW Version


Backup of what product?
What firmware version?
Backup of what?


Base Station DP752
FW Version

The option to backup the configuration and then to download as a file


I do not have problems, try to clear the cache or change browser


I try 3 different browsers and cache was clean.

The result is the same.

You click the button and it takes 6 seconds to show the progress bar witch just disappear instantly and show the option for download the file.

What I mean is that the progress bar should show up as soon you press the button. I pressed like 4 times the first time thinking was doing nothing and then it took like a minutes for generate the files.


was not able to replicate.
it work fine for me.


The first time I tried to export the XML config, to build my template on, it was quite slow. After a factory reset it seems much faster.