Backup and restore configuration DP752


I have backed up both the “Provisioning” page and the “Configuration Support” page, total 5 files.
The problem is the recovery, I tried one of the 5 files at a time and the configuration is restored only partially (missing the psdw of admi, missing the pswd account, missing LDAP configurations, missing the registration of laptops etc …).
So this is a backup that is useless,
what is the correct step-by-step procedure to make a backup and restore it?
Moreover I saw that using Firefox and Chrome files are renamed differently, which browser to use?
Thank you


The export I tried also didn’t push things like sip password or device admin password.


in essence what did you do?



We don’t include any password in downloaded config file for securify concern.

We have received feature request to include the password in encryped format, but not in plain text so users can use the config file to recover the password settings without expose it to anyone.

This feature is under progress. For now, if you need recover the config with password, you need manually add the P value tag with password as the value in plain text.


ok, just know it. the manual does not report this limit



At the very least, can you export the FIELD, but have it commented out in the XML export?

Great for templating the devices