Backup and Restoration



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Since the 61xx series is now EoL, I thought it would be good to go over backups and restores.
As of October 2018:

Can you restore a backup from the same model of a 61xx series to a 62xx series?

Yes, it is very simple if they are the same model and that is exactly what you should do.

What if I want to downgrade because I don’t want such a big unit? I have a 6108 but want to use a 6202 instead because I don’t need the fxo ports. Can I do that? What complications can I expect?

starting from firmware, backup files are compatible among UCM61xx/UCM62xx models. Users can restore backup files from one UCM61xx/UCM62xx model to another. However, if you are restoring a backup file from a higher UCM model number to a lower one, you will be warned and prompted that the additional feature (e.g., FXO ports, extensions or conference rooms) is not available and the restore will not be allowed. This happens when the backup file is from a model that has more FXO ports, extensions or conference rooms configured than the maximum supported capability on the target UCM. For example, when the user is trying to restore a backup file from UCM6108 on UCM6104, if FXO port 5 to 8 are configured on UCM6108, the user will not be able to restore the backup file on UCM6104 because UCM6104 only supports FXO port 1 to 4. In this case, please manually delete the configuration of FXO port 5 to 8 and create backup on UCM6108 again to be restored on UCM6104.

What if I want to upgrade because I need more power? I have a 6104 but I want to use a 6208 when I upgrade because I just need a bit more power. Can I do that? What complications can I expect?

starting from firmware, this should work fine and the new system will have access to the newly available ports/etc.

What if I want to upgrade to acquire multi-WAN failover? I have a 6102, but business is great and I need to be sure I have 99.99% up time so I want a 6510 with the HA100. Thankfully I have loads of money and need to spend it fast! Can I do that? What complications can I expect?

Unfortunately this is not supported at the moment. (implication is that at some point it will be)

If anyone has any good answers to these along with any oddities you have found while accomplishing this task, please share!

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If you need assistance with this process, please reach out to us. We are here to help you!


I’ve backed up my UCM6102 while on firmware to the SD card, moved the SD card to my UCM6202 on the same version, restored, and it doesn’t work. It restores and reloads, but the only thing that gets restored is the IP address, none of the config is there. Erased and reloaded the UCM6202, and repeated the restore/reload, with the same results. I don’t want to have to manually reenter every setting on my UC6202, but how else can I upgrade to a supported platform?


sd card does not contain the s.o. and is not moveable like that.
There are appropriate backup and recovery procedures.
In addition, you should always bring UCM to the last FW


I encountered this same problem a couple months ago.
Long story short
I ended up having to take the 1.0.18.x backup from the 610x and restore it to the 1.0.19.x version of the 620x
Everything worked and I was able to repeat this without issue after that in the same way on other systems.


Thanks! I did the same thing this morning and it worked fine. Weird, but happy I don’t have to recreate everything!

Thanks for the help all!