Backup and Restoration 2021


Hi, I need help with UCM6202.
The issue I am experiencing is something that has to do with the backup and restoration, every time when I reboot the system it deletes all recent configurations and it restores old config files. this means that new extensions are deleted. when I try to backup local it does not show any of my backups it only shows 2020 backup files. I thought of upgrading the firmware not sure if it will affect other users during work time.
How do I fix this kind of a problem?


Use a SD card and do a backup of the system with the new extensions already added back in.

You told us what the issue is, but how much memory is available in the system to do a local backup? Could it be that you do not have enough space? Look at the dashboard, but a SD card would be blank and if 32GB would have more than enough.


Regardless of the problem the FW always updated,
try replacing the sd card and redo the backup on sd card


The memory available is 184MB. I tried saving the backup on local but it was not successful, now I just put 32GB SD Card and save the backup which it was successful. the issue is after rebooting the system those old local backups that were saved last year they show up and the system configure from those backups. I deleted those two backup but after reboot they are there.


There are two things you can do:

  1. Contact the help desk with the issue as it could be that the UCM has an issue with the flash as it sounds like it may not be able to write the changes to flash nor can it erase the backups.
  1. If you feel good about the backup you made to the SD card, you could try and factory reset the UCM and then restore from the SD card.

If it were me, I would contact GS first, but as I always have a spare UCM around, I would see if I could install the backup onto UCM and see if all went OK. If so, then I would put that unit into service and then work the issue with the original unit with GS.