AVM Fritz.box "video" support



Is it possible for you guys to test the GDS with the fritz.box from AVM or create a guide for using the GDS in that environment? It is very popular in Germany.

Voice calls work fine, video does not, the bix does not really do SIP video but you need to put a jpeg url into the fritz.box GUI which is displayed on the phones and I honestly don’t know what to use there. (I am not using the “open door” feature in the GDS so I have not tested that)

Please advise, other vendors are advertising this feature.

Reference: https://en.avm.de/service/fritzbox/fritzbox-7490/knowledge-base/publication/show/70_Setting-up-a-door-intercom-system-in-the-FRITZ-Box/



These AVM WiFi & DECT routers with VoIP and home automation are very widespread and popular.



Yep, a how-to guide is welcome. GDS3710 connecting to GS phones by Fritz!Box.
FYI, today my GDS3710 is connected to one GXP2170 by Fritz!Box 7580 and OpenDoor works fine.
Pictures preview every two seconds.
My next step is change to UCM6202 cause of spread the call from the door.


you can set the stream to be mjpeg and access the picture of your GDS through https://[IP OF YOUR GDS]/jpeg/mjpeg.html

Although the problem here is that you need to authenticate first, which the FritzBox can’t do. The nice to have at that point would be to disable the authentication for the MJPEG stream.


The camera for the door intercom records images in JPG/JPEG, PNG or GIF file format. Other file formats, for example MJPG/MJPEG, are not supported.

So we need an URL where the fritz.box can pull a photo. This URL must include authentication or we must be able to disable authentication for simple things like grabbing a photo.

Being able to turn if authentication for RTSP and image capture is really required for a lot of things.

I looked at the API and it is not useful for this.




the feature as proposed by NEOTHEHACKER “The nice to have at that point would be to disable the authentication for the MJPEG stream.” would be really good. In fact, it is a pre-requisite for me to buy the GS3710. Really nice device, cannot using it with the Fritzbox and see pictures /MJPEG with Fritzphone is a hard restriction.
As said before, Fritzboxes are very popular in Germany. Thanks for any update on the topic,


I’d also vote for this feature.
Was unaware of the authentication need until the system sat on my desk and indeed it’s not working with Fritz!Boxes, so the only way for me would be to put an RPi or like in-between, which is surely adding complexity.

Best, Soeren


Beta firmware now also supports an anonymous user for video access. Read the release notes for details, in short: Enabled “Enabled Anonymous LiveView” and use the URL https://ip:port/videoview.html. Note that I have not yet tested this, but I soon will.

Also on a related note: The h.264 payload type can now be configured and is not anymore fixed to 99.


Hi MikeK,

Based on the Firtzbox documentation the AVM supports only jpeg format, which means you should use below URL from GDS3710:

And to disable the authentication, please follow below steps:
1- First upgrade your GDS3710 to latest firmware version,
2- Once upgrade done, go under GDS3710 Web interface> System Settings> Access Settings and check “Enable Anonymous LiveView”. Save the changes.

You’ll be able to grab the live picture of GDS camera using below URL:

Please let us know if this worked for you. Thanks.

Best Regards,


I wonder if the pop up “You are about to login to …” that precedes the snapshot display will irritate the Fritz!Box.


videoview.html works without authentication but does not work for my smart home and/or fritz.box.

snapshot/view.jpg does NOT work, i get asked for username/password in the browser.

so this is still not fixed :frowning:

edit: i tested more, all the URLs with /jpeg/ also require userrname and password :frowning:

after even more testing: LiveView channels in MJPEG mode now also ask for username/password even when i am in the web interface???


This will be addressed in FW1.0.5.3, which is under QA. Please keep tuned and test again and report back once the is available. Thank you for using GDS3710.


Hi MikeK,

I can confirm that it is working with FB7490 and FW 1.0.52.
The only difference that I can see in comparison to the approach described above is that I changed my “Web access settings” to http and the mjppg authentication to “basic”, so that there is no “challenge authentication”. The field “Enable anonymous live view” is NOT ticked in my setup.

Be aware, that the authentication is weaker now and you should not NAT any ports through your FB to avoid security risks.

The link to be put into FB is
http: (drop down field there) and then "admin:[password]@IP/snapshot/view.jpg



I upgraded to the beta.

I can confirm the url http://IP_GDS3710/anonymous/snapshot/view works fine now with the door station settings and the AVM c5 phones show the picture!

Anonymous access needs to be enabled on the GDS obviously but IMHO hat is a lot better than using the admin credentials hard coded in a configuration.

Good work, thank you!!!


@MikeK: Glad to know it is working now and appreciate the update. Thank you for using GDS3710!