Automatically suffix all numbers dialled with #


Hi folks,

I see on the HT812 ATA that if I press # after I dial a number, it dials immediately. Otherwise, it can take up to 5 seconds for the ATA to dial

Is it possible to automatically suffix all numbers dialled with # , maybe by using a dial plan?



you can change the timing if you don’t type #, normally I insert 4 seconds,
you can change the dial plan (if you know what you’re doing), but since the call starts automatically after the set time, I don’t see the reason to change the dial plan -> Dial Plan Prefix


Please refer to the HT manual as it will contain both the dial plan settings and its parameters. You might also look for early dial.


I haven’t seen anywhere that I can set the timing? I assume you have a field where you are typing in 4 seconds?

EDIT: Ignore my post, it’s under Profile > No Key Entry Timeout


Hey Conor, the dial plan settings are what you need in order to instantly dial a valid number. The basic dial plan settings are more geared for being able to dial out any digit length for any country as all country dial plans are different.


Thanks. I’ve lowered the “No Key Entry Timeout” to 2 seconds and this seems to have improved things somewhat


And having thought a little more on it, appending # to the dial plan would be more complex than I had first guessed as I would need to allow for all formats of Irish numbers, UK numbers and local extensions. More work than it’s worth to be honest


the risk is that while dialing, the call starts if you interrupt the dialing, at least 3 seconds would be better in my opinion


Conor look at the dial plan ìn your HT8xx that will fix your problem.
To give you an idea look at the following as it is what I am using for my ATA’s as it is close to what is “normal” to the today’s standards, you might have different ones but let me know if you use or modify these.

Australian Dial Plan
{ 1xxx |0011xxxxxxxxxxx|61xxxxxxxxx|0xxxxxxxxx|[3-9]xxxxxxx|13xxxx|1800xxxxxxx|1300xxxxxx|911|000}

The 1xxx = extension dialling if connected to a UCM with 4 x digit extension numbering - adjust to suit.


Thanks again Scott. So is it a case that if a “dial” matches an entry in the dial plan, the ATA dials immediately or is there still a requirement to have the ATA “press” # after a match?