Automatic call park!


Hi a have a 2 line 6102, when I have an inbound call it’s ringing on my ring group (4 phones simultaneously) and when a have a 2nd inbound call it’s ringing to my same ring group too! Is it possible to park automatically the 2nd call if one of my phone of my ring group is busy?


The short answer is no. At least, not that I know of.

The longer answer is, tell me more about the problem, I might be able to help you find a solution.

Why do you want this to happen?


what you u want is a call queue
it will answer the call while playing hold music and allow the phone to start ringing again once you are off the phone.


Sorry for the delay, I was busy!!! Ok I own a restaurant, when I have a inbound call, it rings to my ring group!(4 phones located at different places but all simultaneously) On weekends I have one personne who picks up the phone! So when I have a inbound call wherever she is she can pick up the phone…but when we get a 2nd inbound call at the same time…the other phone rings all the time until she picks up the 2nd call! That’s why I need to park automatically the 2nd call!


uses timed messaging and incoming calls will be handled automatically


I agree with Lucas -

A Q allows calls to come into the system whereupon if the agent is not available, the Q will hold the caller until such time as the agent does become available and you may also be able to use the Q to provide the caller with a automatic call back. The issue you will face with a Q is the “pick up a call wherever she/he is”. However, a cordless phone may be the answer in this case and then you could also use damiano’s suggestion and create different Qs such that perhaps the normal one has all 4 extensions whereas the weekend Q has the cordless.

Other operations similar to yours, will put the first call on-hold, answer the second and then put on-hold or in park and then go back to the first and finish up with them and then move on to the second. While perhaps not a desired situation, it is what it is.

Nevertheless there is no such function as auto call-park, so a workaround needs to be considered. You could submit a feature request.


Thank you to all! With all the information I find the solution! I created a extension for all the phones! So the first inbound call is send to a ring group (1 extension to all the phones) for 15sec, than to queue in loop! So if the person is busy with the first call , the 2nd after 15sec will enter in the queue!


and the question what that would be?


Automatic park call on 4 phones with 1 agent!