Auto transfer a dialed call to another extension?


This is a long shot, but perhaps someone can suggest a work around.

I am running Bria on my desktop PC which is set up as an extension on my UCM6202.

I would like to be able to click on a telephone link on the web or in my address book and have Bria call the number (not a problem as this works well) and then have the call automatically transfered to my telephone. ie Bria or the UCM transfers the call from the desktop softphone to my physical phone.

Any ideas if this can be done?



What you are talking about is click to dial for the desktop in reality or am i missing the point?


Yes, that would be exactly it.

I click on a telephone number to dial it, my phone rings and I pick it up and get connected.

At the moment, I am using Bria to dial the call from my PC and then doing a manual transfer to the extension of the phone I want to use.




Do a google for ActivaTSP and try that - it is a free resource and give you click 2 dial from outlook



Unfortunately, we no longer use Outlook (we use eMClient) and i’m also looking to be able to dial numbers that use the HTML tel: syntax from websites.



Try this: