Auto Start & Memory Problem



I put Affinity into the Windows Start-Up folder. When it starts up it comes-up with the log-in screen, showing the phone I last connected to.

Why does it not auto-log-in? Having to click on it to start us a nuisance.

IMHO, it should automatically connect to the phone, and if I am on a network without the phone, then maybe pop-up or give an info message.

As well, why do I always have to disable the minimize warning message each time Affinity starts-up. I’ve already clicked the Do Not Remind me box, but it seems not to remember that from one log-in to the next.




I’m just starting to play with this application. I 100% agree with drostoker, this needs to more easily connect after a reboot or power on.


+1 … my issue is that my phones are on a different vlan so you need to put in the ip address of the phone each time and it does save it. it shows the ext when the program starts but it fails to connect and I have to go to advanced and put in the ip address. 90% of my clients are configured with their phones on vlans. b/c of this I can’t offer this to any of my clients to use this.


I found that even with phones on the same network as the computers it does not find any of the phones and I need to put in the ip address every time the program starts… makes this pointless to try to have clients use this. Its a great idea but not user friendly enough for end-users.