Auto reboot every night?


I was wondering if someone could shed some light on the issue im having. Currently I have gxp 1610 and 1620 only a few hand full phones every now and then they need to be rebooted manually because for some reason there is no tone. I check on the phone and on the pbx shows registered. So i came to conclusion its better to reboot automatically at night. Is there a way i can do it? I was looking at this forum post Auto reboot | remote reboot for GXP2160
But not sure if the php script where should i run it?

Thank you



Have you tried Enabling keep alive setting under “Extensions - Basic settings - Enable Keep-Alive” ?

Are you using phones in the same network or NATing?

Angel Pino.


tried to activate the keep-alive and set it to 15?


What kind of switches are on the network? Some switches have a green function that might be impacting. Before you reboot a phone that is not getting a dial tone, see if you can get into the web gui of the phone or ping it.

You might also check the firmware version and upgrade if needed.


Thanks for the reply, i have NAT transversal on Keep alive, the phones are inside the LAN i found another option that says Enable OPTIONS Keep Alive and it is in No
should i enable it?


Thanks for the reply i just enabled it had it off these are the default options
OPTIONS Keep Alive Interval 30

OPTIONS Keep Alive Max Lost 3

so change the interval to 15?


Thanks for the reply, the swiches are UNIFI, whats odd is that the 3 phones were bought new and are causing this issue, im going to try out the keep alive option to see what happens


well no luck, is there a way i can auto reboot it?


Is SRTP enabled?


Enable OPTIONS Keep Alive = yes
keep alive = yes = 15
(they’re two different things)


You are looking for a quick solution to an issue without providing much in the way of feedback. You indicated that the phones are showing registered, but not where they show this. I assume at the PBX, but did you check to see what the phone itself shows? Did you try and get into the phones web interface and see what the phone shows? Did you check the firmware and upgrade if necessary?

Where did you buy the phones? Did you get them from an authorized GS reseller? If not, how do you know they are new? And again, what firmware version?

The situation appears to be that the phone is losing registration, but the PBX thinks it is still registered. When a registration occurs, the PBX will apply an expiration time to tell the phone when it needs to check back in and re-register. Once the registration is successful, neither the PBX or the phone will expect to hear from one another again regarding a registration until the expiry. So, at this point both devices are OK, however; if the phone goes off-line for some reason and can no longer communicate, the PBX will not aware of this and will continue to show the phone as being registered until such time as the registration expiry occurs and the phone fails to show up and re-register. This is why I wanted to see if you could get into the phone or ping it.

The keep-alives are designed to send a packet of data out to the SIP server at a given frequency to usually see if the SIP server is still alive and responding. In the process of doing this, it may also traverse a router to get to the server which in turn will cause the router to open a port to allow the traffic out and the router will keep the port open for a period in anticipation of a response. After a period with no traffic the port will close; hence why the keep-alive frequency setting can be sent such that the port remains open. On a LAN, there should be no reason to enable the option for any keep-alives as the switches should never block any traffic unless there is some issue with the switch or within the network, but ordinarily they should not block.


Thanks for the reply, after checking again with the user, it phone shows that its registered but here is what is odd. The phone is completely frozen no tone, cannot even change settings and no ping i have reboot and then it starts to work
This is the version , only have 2 phones which are like this and have the same version
Product Model
Part Number
Software Version


Thanks for the reply i think might be more of the issue of the phone


let me know if you’ve solved


If the phone is truly frozen, then I assume that the web gui, telnet and ssh are also inoperable and that the only way to reboot the phone is by a manual or mechanical means (physically unplugging or, by using a mechanical timer on the outlet where the transformer is plugged in).

You might inspect the transformers and insure that they are the correct ones and even try swapping with one of the phones that never exhibits the issue to see if the problem follows the transformer.

While I do not know that it would help, there would be no harm in updating the firmware as well.


Thanks for the reply, after updating to still the issue persists, is there a way i can reboot the phone automatically


I think im going to have to find a way to reboot the phone automatically as it freezes completely


all you have to do is open up a ticket


Thanks will do, so there is no way i can temp put to auto reboot?


I don’t think so