Auto Lock




Could be a useful feature to have automatically locked after a period of phone inactivity ( inactivity timer : 60-120-360 seconds). When your phone is locked it can only be used to make internal and emergency calls.



who/what defines an Internal Call?

this could be neat, but the logic behind it is incredibly complex.

is internal a 2-digit call? 4? 7? 10? I can 10-digit dial a coworker on my patform, OR a 4-digit.


Yeah, that’s really complex logic to implement.

Below is just a joke for fun hope you don’t mind::rofl:
Maybe we can invent a smart desktop security box that’s web-based or whatever that can receive signal via Wifi or Bluetooth, whenever my laptop timeout or manually locked the screen, the laptop app sends a signal to the box, so the box will close the door and be locked to keep my DP730, wallet and all my secrets stuff in secure. When I back and once login my laptop, the box will be unlocked and open the door, so I can access my DP730 without a problem. :joy:, the only bad thing is when I lost my laptop, the box need be broken as well. :smile:


I was thinking it in complex way like you, but it turn out very easy

First method. If you have access to calling from local phone book, seems more logical and non complex to implement, right ?

A second method is to have predefined emergency numbers can be called,
even if the handset or keypad has been locked.

By the way, just a joke :smile: … user interface is like a joke if you have to explain it, it’s not that good :joy:


What about external numbers stored in the phone book?


I agree with you. But if you have a company phonebook can be downloaded via LDAP server - UCM. The contact will only include work number, which means that it is not editable local on handset.


When I originally saw this I thought it was a great idea, but I was thinking simply an automatic key lock after a certain amount of time. A feature that can be turned on or off according to customer wishes but for those who carry it around in their pocket it would be nice if one forgot to engage the lock if it did it for you.


If you just want to prevent mis-dial when the phone is in your pocket, you can long press the # key the keypad will be locked, long press it again will unlock it. There is a lock icon on that key.


You can lock/unlock your phone manually follow the steps described above, nothing new.


Where can I get documentation for the 752 and 730? -Jacques in Canada