auto base switching option missing



on the dp710 it offered auto or manual base switching. i would like to confirm the 720 does not offer the auto switching and only offers manual switching. wondering ifl auto switching be available in a future firmware release?


I also would like to have the automatic base switching for the DP720!

Otherwise I need a DECT Repeater from an other manufacturer, if any will work with the DP’s.


If the DP720 register on multiple bases, it does not auto switch between different bases.
If the DP720 register on single base working with repeater, our internal test shows that it auto roaming between base signal and repeater to the stronger source, will not break an ongoing phone call.


What does it mean “working with repeater”?
Which kind of repeater is working with the DP750/720?


Future i think :slight_smile:


Hmm… Ok, but I live in here and now and need a solution for larger DECT range distance without a manually register of the DP720 to a base with stronger source. This won’t be practicable.

We had to buy the DP750/720 without available manuals or test experience and thought the functions are comparable with the previous models. The automatic base switching option was a major criterion to switch to Grandstream products.

Best regards, Thomas


From last dp715 auto switch work. If you lose connection to 1 base it register to second. But it is not without losing connection.
As i have only 1 base and handset i simply cannot test, but i think it should work as earlier DP too.
Maybe someone already have more bases and can do tests or GS reply.


I will check it out!


Now I have set up a second DP750 and registered as Base2 on a DP720 handset (HS1).
When I walk with the HS1 from Base1 to Base2 it loose the connection, but don’t connect to Base2 automatically if I’m in range of it.
Also the HS1 does not auto connect to the base with the stronger source. In both cases I must select the bases manually.

What when I have 3 or more DP750? Do I have to try what base is available? Do I have to hold in mind where which base is installed. Do we must sign circles on the floor for every base range and correct connection settings? And how should all this work when I have an active call and must walk to a rack in our warehouse outside of the connected base?

I need a working range extension.


Roaming is very important; at least the option to automatically register to a second base when the first one goes out (of range or power) like the old one is needed.

If someone already tested a repeater, it would be very useful to share which one works with the DPs, that way we can still sell DPs with a 3rd party repeater and later just replace the repeaters for the Grandstream ones.


TGS try ticket to GS ?



I have posted a ticket about that on the GS Help Desk.
Currently no useful answer.


as author of this thread… i can confirm the dp720 does not automatically switch bases like the 710 can. i have sent in a ticket to grandstream to see if a firmware upgrade may include this function. its been almost a week without reply. i would consider buying a SNOM 325 system as they offer repeaters as well that handover calls properly.


some additional information. GS chat says autoswitching is NOT available on these units. so i assume we need to wait for a new firmware to be included. WHAT A STEP BACKWARDS IN TECHNOLOGY.


I don’t think it’s working with fw I have tested autoswitching without success.

But I got the answer from GS that they are working on a repeater function for future firmware releases and perhaps also on autoswitching.


Today we have tested once more the autoswitch function with two DP70 and five DP720.
The DP750’s have identical settings and the DP720 Handset’s are registered on both as Base1 and Base2.
When a DP720 is loosing the connection set default by Base1 and is in the DECT range of Base2, it doesn’t switch automatically to Base2!
With the current fw autoswitch is definitely not working, except I miss something else…


sorry guys for the late reply.
I’ve filed a bug to request the feature of auto-switching between bases, see if we can add an option to enable/disable auto-switch. Thanks.


Hopefully a working solution is in progress and will come very soon!?


Hi guys,
Grandstream are going to release a repeater soon, DP750 will support roaming. I think repeater will better resolve your problem because:

  1. with repeater, the call won’t get disconnected when you roaming from base to repeater as when you switch from one base to another.
  2. You just need maintain one settings on one base, don’t need config multiple bases with identical settings.
  3. You don’t need worry about the maximum registration on each bases when you switch between bases, in repeater mode, you will always keep on the same base.

We know there are some circumstances that auto-switching also useful, so we are going to add an option to disable/enable auto-switching between multiple bases, but we can’t promise the time as we give the repeater higher priority for now.


That all sounds very good. I agree, repeater first, then auto-switching.

Keep up the good work guys!