Audio gaps issue



i have two GXV3611IR_HD and i have the same problem with both of them. I have gaps on sound. I hear the audio by the cameras but with gaps. For example the sentence “Today is Thursday and it is snowing” is sound for example like “Today … Thursd… nd it … sno…”.

I have tried with many different applications. I have tested it:

[ul][li]first of all from web (webpage of the camera with VLC plugin)[/li]
[li]tested with VLC player (using RTSP)[/li]
[li]tested with GSurf Pro[/li]
[li]tested with QNAP Surveillance Station[/li][/ul]

Same problem with each one of the above scenarios

Then i tried switching all the available audio codecs, PCMU, PCMA, AAC (16 and 32 bits). Nothing has changed!

Is it only my problem or have you heard it again at past ?
What do you propose to do ?


Has the same problem with my cams but switching to pcmu solved it for me.
Are you on latest firmware? The aac option is gone for my 3610s for some time now.