Audio delay on new HW Rev GRP2615 phones


And one more thing. GS REFUSES to cover the warranty of the GRP2614’s because the ORIGINAL PACKAGING DOES NOT EXIST…I must create a new topic for everyone to know this…


We have this problem, is it possible to change the version of the phone to 1.1A or 3.0 A?
if yes how?



Unfortunately that is the hardware revision of the phone so it can’t be changed. But since switching to on the UCM we haven’t had any more reports of the delay. I have yet to test any firmwares newer than though.


Thanks for your feedback
I will look further
we have a customer with 40 GRp2615 who has this problem the UCM is in version the GRP and the problem is there
the customer becomes very annoyed.
In our office we don’t have the same configuration, that’s not the problem.
thanks again