Attended transfer



I am having an issue performing an attended transfer using a DP720. An attended transfer goes through and the destination extension and incoming caller are partially connected but the end result is that the audio path from the incoming caller to the destination extension is fine but the incoming caller continues to hear MOH. I have been working with my PBX vendor (Asterisk system) and they say the Grandstream 2xxx series handsets work. They say that the 2xxxx phones have “Auto-attended transfer” as a menu option but I cant see this on the DP720. Hopefully someone can provide some guideance.

Many thanks in advance


DP720 attended transfer operation is different from GXP2000 series, DP720 don’t need “Auto-attended transfer” option.
In case there is any misunderstanding, Here are the call steps of Attended Transfer:

  1. Press Left softkey “Options” during a call, and then select New call.
  2. Choose the line and enter the number you want to transfer the call to, then press Dial key .
  3. Once the second call is established, press left softkey “Option” and select Transfer.

I know your transfer was established but initial caller hears MOH, we have tested this on our local and can’t reproduce the issue, could you upload your XML config file and captured packets with Syslog enabled in Debug level? Thank you!


Hi, is there a shorter way to make an attended transfer in DP720? I can remember that if you push the line green button, the first one is holded and the second is on, but it seems that, at least with the latest fw it isn’t possible…


in addition to what correctly (as always) said @Shawn-GSSupport424, you can also use startcodes to transfer in assisted and blind mode