Attended transfer, first step


In previous FW (1.0.4.x for example) when you have a call and you want to make an attended transfer, you could do this step:

  • push the green button of line to have suddenly a “new call” instead of push “options” and then scroll down to “new call”

Now it doesn’t happen, but it would be better to have it!!! Please…


Your post is in the generic “Beta Club” topic, not a specific device topic. What device are you talking about, and what firmware?


Sorry… DP750 and DP720 and DP752 Dp730


moved it.


Ok, but… is it possible to have this option again on?


As far i can tell no. There was proposition in forum for change, but not sure if GS consider it.


We are now evaluate this feature internally, need keep the behavior consistent with other phones like WP820