I have Issabel and ata 813 .
fxo port is not working for incoming calls . trunk is register and everything is OK but for incoming call from pstn is not working.


Sorry, but you have not provided any detail about the setup or what it is connected to nor the expectation. I assume outbound calls are fine, but no idea of what you are using to make the call.

Did you set within the 913 how calls are to be delivered?

Can you provide more details?


I created a trunk with the following specifications:
host=ATA813 IP
I connected a PSTN line to FXO port and one analog line to FXS port.
I can make a call between fxo and fxs and i can make a outbound call from fxo port but i can not call from pstn to fxo port .
Check with me if you have configuration of the fxo port.


In the ATA, how are calls set to be routed to the PBX? Basic page, unconditional call forward to VoIP.




Basic page?



Why is the IP for the SIP server different in the FXO page than in the basic page?


you are right .I mistakenly changed now. But in config both are the same


both IP are same


So the PBX is at .241?


my pbx server is 241


Can you see packets sent to PBX or not ?


No information is sent to the server and trunk


Run syslog.
My guess: call is not recognized by HT and it is not pickup.

This 2 section are very important for this, you need set them correctly.


caller id and pstn disconnect tone is ok . I’ve tested all these models before.I think it has a big bug on new ata 813


Then run syslog on debug level.There is no other way to check.
I’m not if i tested forward on HT, i try do it tomorrow.


thank you marcin . im waiting your test


Bugged, it is exactly as you write (or even worse).
HT813 do not even start forward, it just do nothing.
Best report this to GS as bug.