Assigning one SIP account to two devices


My personal extension on my PBX has two DP750’s that register to it. I moved the first phone into GDMS successfully and the phone registers etc.

When I added the second phone, it never pushes the SIP account to the phone and GDMS keep showing that the registration failed. But… Again… When I look at the DP750 locally the account is not even added to the phone.

Just wondering if anyone else has successfully added a single SIP account to two separate DP750’s using GDMS.


Does the device appear green, orange or grey in the Devices list?


Apart from the fact that you never register 2 terminals on a single extension (this results in random problems that you will never solve), if you look at the settings of the basic UCM-side extension it should accept 1 registration (for security and other reasons).
My observation -> having a voip server where it allows you to use xx/xxx extension, what is the point of using 2 terminals on the same extension?
Just create a group of ringtones, insert in x extension and call the group if ever :slight_smile:


Make sure the firmware for DP7xx is using


Damiano -

There is no issue in allowing more than one endpoint to be registered to the same extension/account. It is SIP forking and in the UCM is also controlled by concurrent registrations.

I may want a phone at my office and my home to have the same extension, which in fact is what I have along with Wave and another phone on my tablet (Surface) (4 total). There is no issue associated to the function.


@lpneblett By 2 recordings I meant 2 ip of different classes (example 1 internal and 1 external)


Damiano - what recordings? Do not see where you ever mentioned recordings. Still, no issue with multiple devices being registered to a single account regardless of IP. There is, of course, some set-up hat may be required, but if done correctly it should pose no problem.


“… GDMS keep showing that the registration failed …”


Dear users,

Thank you for using GDMS platform!

When you try to associate your DP750 with GDMS platform, please make sure you follow the requirements below:

  1. Please upgrade your DP750 to
  2. In your case, please make sure the second DP750 has been associated with GDMS platform successfully, it is possible to assign the same account to the 2nd DP750 device.
  3. Please make sure you have configured Line of DP750 so that the account should be able to push to the device.
  4. If you still cannot push the account to the DP750 device, please send us the MAC address of the device, and send us the registration time so that we could check it from the GDMS server side.

Thank you!