Application Scenes for System Integrators or Licensed Electricians


Please check out the GSC3570 application scenes for your reference: (2.0 MB)



On page 2 of “Application Scenes 2” it says:

“3,Press “<“ return icon, back to SIP call.”

Does it means that during viewing RTSP from IP cam the SIP call is suspended? I assume not…of course you want to continue speaking with the visitor.


@Astylos: You are switching to RTSP to view the IP camera during a SIP call; when you are doing this, the call is ONHOLD, or you can say suspended, but when you exit RTSP, the call will automatically RESUME, and you can continue to speak to visitor, and remote open door if you have GDS37xx configured with GSC3570.

You don’t have to have SIP proxy for this to work if all device are in same LAN, static IPs are OK. You can use GSC3570 to open door directly if the strike is wired directly into the GSC3570, to update traditional analogue doorbell.

With currently hardware (MIPs and memory) , the GSC3570 can NOT process or decodeg TWO video streams simutaneouly (or at the same time).

Hope this helps. Thank you for your interest to Grandstream products.


Could it do Audio+the RTSP feed so that the call doesn’t have to be on-hold?


The RTSP from IPC to GSC3570 is already one-way audio if the IPC with a microphone connected. (you can get any 3rd party 3.5mm mono or stereo microphone connected to the IPC audio_in port, then you will have audio in the GSC3570 side because the RTSP should be both audio and video).

Thank you for your interest to Grandstream products.


@fmarcoux96: Sorry it cannot. Because one is SIP call, another is RTSP, different media type.

This is for application scene with (new or existing) IP camera and a audio device, like IP hard phone (indoor in the hallway) or GDS3705 (outdoor weather proof), or IP camera with a button outside (traditional analogue doorbell upgrade for example). If you have GDS3710 which already has built-in camera, then no need such RTSP, a doorbell call from GDS3710 will have both video and audio in GSC3570 side.

Hope this helps. Thank you for your interest to Grandstream product and solution.