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I have a problem because I replaced an Avaya system where there was a Sonorec system coupled with a sound system so a call on the sound system
we have a 3CX and installed a Grandstream GXW4216 gateway then we connected to this box but it does not work because during the call it buzzes
Are there notices on the Analog settings? power etc.


Can you explain what the Sonorec system actually does?


Telephone / Public Address Interface This telephone insert module makes it possible to make calls to the public address from an analog telephone line


You may have the wrong device (GXW). It depends on what the exact needs are of the Sonorec are. When you indicate telephone line, this implies a FXO port of which the GXW is FXS and not FXO. In other cases, it may also mean a page port of which the GXW is neither.

Without knowing the exact make and model of the Sonorec and any add-in cards, it may not be possible to know what device is needed.

Because the GXW causes the Sonorec to buzz, my suspicion is the buzz is caused by the ring voltage the GXW is sending. The GXW has no idea of what is connected to the other end, but typically it will be an analog phone, answering machine or fax all of which expect to see ring voltage and either a handset will be lifted and the call answered or the device will auto-answer.


Is there a common ground (Earth) on both devices? Just a guess.


You may want to migrate to an IP based paging interface like the Fanvil PA2 or Snom PA1. Also concurring with Avidcomm, the GXV gateways have produced hum before on my installs and require a chassis earth.


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Thank you for your answers, so nobody tried to refine the analog values?


There is no point in guessing what is needed. See earlier post.


The Paging port of an Avaya is not an Analog FXS port. You will need to use a IP Paging interface moving forward.


This was in simplicity because the box was already existing and connected to an analog port of the IPBX knowing that I also had doorphones and others