API or how to control speaker/mic?


I can’t seem to find in the HTTP API doc on how to control/activate the speaker/mic on the GDS3710. I just need 2 way comms enabled on demand.


Normally you would need to place a SIP call for that. Or are you attempting to use a web browser as audio/video client?


Yes, I am trying to make a simple web page that includes the live view stream and 2 big buttons.- TALK and OPEN DOOR.
We don’t use any GXV phones and its a small network so not too concerned about the pages security.

I’m wondering what other have done.to avoid using GDS Manager. ;(



If it is a simple network solution, why not use old Android or iPad, running free app GSWave, that should function the same.

Since most current browsers discontinued NPAPI or plugin, this feature is not available now. You might need to use OLD browser supporting NPAPI, or customize the Plugin. Or you can use Microsoft IE with Active-X to do such implementation.

Hope this helps. Thank you for using GDS3710!