AP direct access



It will be great if we can access the AP without connect it to the LAN network for it to relay the IP from the router. Some of my client really want this feature, when i was poking around i found the DHCP server in the GWN AP setting. Is a chance this will be embed default for GWN series?


Hi, tin542211,

We think it might cause trouble to enable DHCP server on AP by default, in most common deployment scenario.
But we have failback IP as if AP boot with factory setting and fail to discovery DHCP server. It usually takes serveral minutes to failback. Once it failback to, you can set your PC to network of and connect to AP directly.


Hi GS_Tian,
Thanks for the answer, i get many question about this problem and people always said other AP have this function so it bug me a lot.
It great to know that there is a failback, may i ask howthe AP indicate the fail back? Does the LED have different color and blink? When it in fail back to log in i have to connect the NET port to PC or just go with the SSID?
Sorry for asking so many question, I am kind of new in this subject


Yes GWN have both DHCP and MESH.

For mesh:


For general (old fw in video - no mesh)


Hi, tin54221,

Here is no LED pattern indication right now for fallback IP feature.
The fallback IP take places when AP boot in a no-DHCP environemnt. When AP fully finished booting and turn LED into purple blinking, the static IP should have taken effect.