AP 7610 Initial Setup




I bought AP GWN7610 and I’m trying to configure it but I have a problem - I cannot find the AP in my network.
I did the following - I connected AP to my router and I did a check of DHCP List on the router - but the AP is not there. I tried also GWN Discovery tool - but no device was found.

Only green Led lights on the AP and AP just do nothing…

I tried to reset AP via reset button - but no change still only green light. So I not sure if the AP was reset or not.

Did I miss something? Can you help me?

Many Thanks.



here you will find all the manuals you are looking for

in particular:


Thanks for this. But I used this manual, when I tried to set it up, but no success - I cannot connect to the AP and configure it.


Check led on 7610, they should be violet ? (check manual for sure) If they are not then factory unit as it was set.


I checked the manual: https://www.grandstream.com/hubfs/Product_Documentation/gwn76xx_usermanual.pdf

And LEDs on my 7610 are green - based on the manual it is: Solid green = Firmware update successful.

I also tried all methods to discover the GWN7610 described in the manual but no success.

I’m trying to do Factory reset using button on the AP - but I think it doesn’t do the factory reset, because leds are not changed. I did following to factory reset (as it is described in manual):

  • Press reset button for 7 seconds to reset factory default settings.


From where was the device purchased?


Green = bad as it is configured.
keep it button 20s, do not allow AP to connect to internet (maybe it is configured in cloud)


When I tried 20s for reset button, then it looks the same as 7s - no difference - still green LEDs without any change while holding down the reset button.

I tried to disconnect router from the internet and connect only AP and one laptop to the router but I found only my laptop in the network - no AP was found.

I also tried to connect AP directly to my laptop, but the same result => no AP was found.

I really don’t know what to do next…


Contact the reseller and see what they can do to assist.